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About Us

Bruce has over 25 years experience in the construction industry. Bruce began his career in civil contracting on the Hibiscus Coast, where he became the youngest foreman. While working for civil and running crews, his drive, high level of workmanship and skill was noticed and he was quickly acquired by a building company. He began his apprenticeship and worked building many houses on the North Shore. 

After mastering his craft, Bruce began his own building business, which saw him renovate Ponsonby villas and even lift them to create under stories. He also worked for the like of GJ Gardeners and Mike Greer Homes, becoming well-known for being a problem solver, and adding finishing touches to most of the homes.

Bruce was also the site manager and head builder of the complete rebuild of the Old Ohakune Post Office, which was more than 100 years old. He was able to take the long-forgotten building and turn it into luxury multi-unit ski accommodation (see his handy work here)

In the last few years, Bruce has taken on the landscaping industry. Working mostly on hardscaping, he has used his skills to create beautiful caste concrete form work. His building, excavating, and drain-laying knowledge becoming ever relevant to every job he tackles. Check out our Projects page to see how he makes everything look easy! 

Elise is Bruce's right-hand woman. Since they become a couple, she has taken on the background aspects of Bruce's building company. Originally a teacher, Elise began helping Bruce in school holidays. Lending a hand at concrete pours or helping on days when numbers were low, she got into the thick of it. Taking some time out to study, Elise was in need of some part-time work and Bruce saw an opening for a soft landscaper to come in after he had completed his hardscaping.

From there the rest is history. Elise began managing her own clients and started a little soft landscaping side business that complimented Bruce's work. It became clear that their skill sets complimented each other and with it came the birth of Ebb Landscapes. Elise has completed a certificate in Garden Design and is using this knowledge to create landscapes with flow.